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Enjoy shopping at over 2,500+ stores
AudienceRewardsMall offers you big savings, great deals and points offers from over 2,500+ of your favorite retailers and merchants. On your main Mall page you will find Hot Deals and Promo Codes Offers often not available anywhere else. Be sure to check these sections often for all our money-saving offers, as these offers are time sensitive and always changing.
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My Favorite Stores
Your "My Favorite Stores" section allows you to select your favorite stores from over 2,500+ merchants to create your own custom mall. You can add and subtract stores in real time by selecting the icon favotite storenext to a store in the mall or by selecting Customize Favorite Stores in the My Favorite Stores section.
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Shopping By Categories
The easiest way to find stores in a real mall is to locate a Mall Directory. The Same is true in Mall.

Just select the category that contains the stores selling what you want, and AudienceRewardsMall's search engine will pull all of those merchants together into a single shopping page. On this page you can quickly locate the merchants that are of most interest, see if they are offering any Hot Deals, Promo Codes, or Free Shipping Offers, and also how much you will earn in points.
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How to Get to the Merchant's Store to Shop
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The Shop page above offers you two methods to shop with these merchants. The first is to click on the store's logo or its printed name, which will launch the store page (like the one below), which will tell you more about this merchant and their special offers. From this page you can then click through to the actual store to shop.

The amount shown under the stores logo is the typical amount of points bonus this merchant offers, however, points bonuses can vary based on what is purchased. If Special Offers are available, please click on that offers special link to ensure you receive that offer.

The second way is a short cut. If you already know all you need to know about the merchant, just click on the green {0} amount under the stores logo or on the Shop Now link and this will take you directly to this stores site.
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My Account
Your "My Account" section is how you manage your personal account as well as find all the important information about your AudienceRewardsMall account. The "Account Activity" main page is a quick overview of your last 10 stores visited and transactions.
Please note that it takes 7-14 days before the merchants report your transactions. As soon as they do we will post the transaction information with a status of "Pending". It then takes another 10-12 weeks after shipping, depending upon merchant return policies, before we receive and can post your money as "Available".
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Click History and Transaction are where you can view your entire click history and transaction history since becoming a member.

"Request a Payment" is where you can request your points bonuses anytime they equal $25 or more.
Sharing AudienceRewardsMall with Your Friends is as Easy as 1,2,3 ....
Sharing AudienceRewardsMall with your friends makes AudienceRewardsMall more fun. Every time you invite friends to AudienceRewardsMall, they are put in your personal AudienceRewardsMall Community. Your AudienceRewardsMall Community is like other social communities, but better. Anytime you find a great Hot Deal or Promo Coupon, you can easily share that offer with your friends within your AudienceRewardsMall Community if you feel they would benefit from it. You can also share photographs, communicate about product recommendations, and share anything else you might find of interest on AudienceRewardsMall.
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